Clothing trademark badge laser cutting method

Issuing time:2022-05-11 16:53

Product desciption

The characteristics of trademarks are mainly reflected in the speciality, individuality, artistry and representation of the goods. If classified according to the raw materials used in the commodity, it can be divided into trademarks printed on textiles, paper trademarks, woven trademarks, leather trademarks and metal trademarks.Brands of different materials have different cutting methods for cutting, so when cutting, you always need a clothing cutting machine that can be applied in many aspects to work, which can also reduce costs and improve Work efficiency. There are many kinds of clothing cutting machines now, and it is difficult to sort out which one is suitable for you. Let me introduce you some equipment that is more suitable for clothing trademarks. Good to facilitate your next work.


Program advantages:

With the rapid growth of my country's national economy and the continuous change of people's clothing concept, people's footsteps of chasing fashion are getting faster and faster. A large number of hollow crafts are used in the fashion industry, and leather is also closely following the trend of the times. Leather laser hollow cutting machine makes clothing more beautiful.

Laser hollow cutting is a brand-new processing method, which has gradually been widely used in the clothing industry. Many of the clothes we wear in our daily life are cut out by laser and then finished with the exquisite patterns we see now. Several common applications of laser hollow cutting in clothing include denim image laser printing, garment laser hollowing, leather fabric laser engraving, and appliqué laser cutting.

Recommended equipment


Large format camera positioning automatic feeding

This machine is suitable for digital printing, computer embroidery fabrics, shoe materials, cycling clothing fabrics, beach clothing fabrics, LED light decorative fabrics, holiday clothing, plush toys and other materials



Multifunctional Laser Cutting Machine

This machine is suitable for leather, plastic, cloth, epoxy resin, wood products, paper, acrylic, wool, rubber, bamboo products and other non-metallic materials


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