Plastic laser cutting method

Issuing time:2022-05-11 16:35

Overview of the scheme:

Plastic cutting is a guidance column left by the mold embryo during injection, which is also a part of the product and the runner. In addition, the pouring port and the flow road are called water mouths together. The excess parts (also known as flying border) of the water mouth and mold are inevitable when injection molding, and it must be processed in the later stage. The water mouth laser cutting machine is a kind of device that dissolves the water inlet and flying by the high temperature generated by laser.


Program advantage:

The laser cutting of the water inlet is to use the laser cutting equipment to cut and clear the corner of the plastic residue to achieve the integrity of the product. The principle of laser cutting is to gather laser beams into small light spots, and obtain high power density at the beam focus. As a result, the temperature of the material at the laser irradiation point rises sharply, and instantly reaches the vaporization temperature, generating evaporation and forming holes. Laser cutting uses this as the starting point. According to the shape requirements of the processing water inlet, the laser beam and the water outlet are used as a relative movement according to a certain running trajectory to form a seam. What is the processing advantage of the water mouth laser cutting machine? Due to the different shapes and sizes of the water mouth, the requirements for cutting are high. The traditional electrical shear method can neither ensure the accuracy of the cutting, and the efficiency is not high. However, laser cutting equipment can solve this series of problems well.

Recommended device


Carbon dioxide cutting machine, plastic laser cutting bed

This machine is suitable for plastic, wooden products, paper, leather, fabric, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, rubber, tiles, crystal, jade, bamboo products and other non -metal materials such as non -metal materials and other non -metal materials



Multifunctional laser cutting machine

This machine is suitable for leather, plastic, fabric, epoxy resin, wood products, paper, acrylic, wool, rubber, bamboo products and other non -metal materials


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