Application of laser pipe cutting machine to furniture

Issuing time:2022-05-10 17:04

The application of laser cutting machines in the furniture industry!

In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of the laser industry, the degree of practicality of laser cutting technology has also continued to improve, and it has also begun to be applied to all walks of life.

Metal furniture has developed from the only beds and shelf in the past to different forms such as sofas, tables and chairs. The materials have also developed from metal materials to various light -quality alloy materials, adding a more novel to the furniture. , More new situation of decorative beauty.


Most of the furniture products need to be processed by metal pipes and plates. Due to the difficulty of metal processing, the price of metal furniture in the past is very expensive. Compared with the traditional processing method, laser processing has the advantages of arbitrary graphic, size and depth adjustment, high accuracy, fast speed, smooth incision, smooth and non -burrs, automatic typography provincial materials, and moldless consumption. Under the same cost and the same output, the laser cutting machine can provide more types of furniture products, ensure the processing accuracy, and achieve diversification and multifunctional furniture products. , To maximize production efficiency and reduce costs.

At present, the pain points of the steel furniture manufacturing industry are as follows:

1. Complex procedures: Traditional furniture takes over the industrial manufacturing process as the collection — sawing the lathe -the lathe processing -processing slope — drilling the position of the diamond -drilling -cleaning -rotating welding, which requires 9 processes.

2. Difficulty processing of small pipes: The specifications of the raw material pipes for manufacturing furniture are uncertain. The smallest is 10mm*10mm*6000mm, and the wall thickness of the pipe is generally 0.5-1.5mm. The biggest problem in the processing process of small pipes is that the rigidity of the pipe itself is low, and it is easy to deform after external forces, such as bending, twisting, and the depression raised after squeezing. Traditional processing processes, such as sawing beds, section of sawing bed processing and slope, punching, drilling machine drilling, etc., all are contact -type processing methods that force the shape of the pipes through external force. The processing process, the protection capacity of the pipe is almost no. Often to the final finished product stage, the surface of the pipe has been scratched or even deformed.

3. Poor processing accuracy: Under the traditional processing method of steel furniture pipes, the overall accuracy of the pipe cannot be guaranteed. Whether it is a sawing machine, a punch, or a drilling machine, there are processing errors in processing, especially machining equipment with low degree of automation control. The more the process is connected, the greater the processing error accumulation. The above processing methods require artificial intervention process control, and artificial errors will be superimposed to the final product accuracy error. Therefore, the product accuracy of the traditional multi -process processing method is no controlling and guarantee. By the final stage of the finished product, artificial repair and supplementary supplementation is normal.

4. Low processing efficiency: The sawing bed has certain advantages in synchronous cutting and cutting of multiple pipes, but the opening and cutting efficiency of the pipeline is extremely low. It is necessary to change the cutting angle and position of the change of sawing tablets. Controlled accuracy. The batch stamping of the standard shape holes such as round holes and square holes can reflect its efficiency, and there are many pores in the pipe stitching welding at the furniture industry. Spend more experience and cost to develop a variety of different molds. Everyone knows that the drilling machine can generally only process the circular class holes, and the processing limitations are greater. The processing restrictions and inefficiency of each process have created the inefficient efficiency of the overall product output.

5. High manual cost: The biggest feature of sawing, rushing, and drilling in traditional processing methods is actually artificial intervention. The operation of each device requires manual duty because the degree of automation of such equipment is extremely low. For the processing of this type of non -plate processing objects of the pipe, the feeding, positioning, processing operation, and the feeding need to be manually controlled. Therefore, you can often see in the furniture processing industry. Many equipment and many workers. Nowadays, with the development of the market, the owner of the enterprise is lamenting that the liquidity of workers is getting greater and more difficult, and the wages of workers have risen. Artificial costs may occupy a large part of the profit of the corporate.


What innovation can the fully automatic laser pipeline bring to the furniture manufacturing industry? What are the characteristics of the equipment?

New main forces of metal pipe processing: Optical laser cutting, as a new weapon for metal processing in recent years, later came up and is gradually replacing traditional methods such as cutting, flushing, drilling, sawing, etc. The material material is also metal. The furniture industry pipes are made of stainless steel, which is the advantage of optical fiber laser cutting. Optical laser's efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent beam quality, high -focus density laser energy, fine cutting gaps, can be greatly expressed in the processing of the furniture industry pipe processing.

Customized configuration helps processing efficiency and quality re -upgrade: For the small, thin, and materials of the furniture industry pipes, the main characteristics of stainless steel, we use targeted configuration to improve the processing efficiency and processing quality of the furniture industry pipes. Special module fiber laser, special fiber, and unconventional focal length -type fiber laser cutting heads, all the advantages of the configuration focus on the cutting capacity of special pipes in the furniture industry, and the efficiency of stainless steel pipes with equal specifications of fiber -fiber laser pipes in the furniture industry is improved. Nearly 30%, at the same time bring better cutting effect.


Batch automation production of pipes: After the tube is placed in the automatic feed machine, one -click start, and the pipe is automatically inlet, divided into materials, feed, automatic clamp holding, feeding, cutting, and feeding. Thanks to the automatic feeding function developed on a fully automatic laser pipeline, the pipes have the possibility of batch processing. Small pipes in the furniture industry occupy smaller space. The same models of equipment can contain more tubular quantities at one time, so it is more advantageous. One person is on duty, and the whole process is automated processing. This is the embodiment of efficiency.

Laser cutting machines are used in furniture manufacturing. In addition to reducing some manpower efforts, it can also be carved, oblique and other steps in processing and production. The most important thing is Treatment can directly use these parts into the next process, which saves a lot of useless work. Laser cutting machines have a lot of early investment for some small manufacturers. However, one equipment can do a few people's work, can operate work for 24 hours, and can complete the cutting requirements with high efficiency and high accuracy.

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