The benefits of fiber optic cutting machine cutting stainless steel

Issuing time:2022-05-10 10:42

What are the advantages of stainless steel laser cutting machine during processing?

  The fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced CNC cutting equipment. It is very common in industrial processing applications. In the process of application, not only can it meet the needs of metal cutting processing, it can also meet the high -precision cutting specifications, which is loved by users. Then Why is it well received by users? That is closely related to the advantages of the product itself. Let me introduce it below.


1. Because there is no contact with processing, and the energy and movement speed of the laser beam of the fiber laser cutting machine can be adjusted, multiple processing can be completed.

2. There is no "knife" wear in the processing process, and no "cutting force" is influenced by the workpiece.

3. The heat of the workpiece of processing is small, the thermal deformation of workpieces is small, and the subsequent processing volume is small.

4. It is easy to guide. After focusing, it can complete various target transformations. It is easy to jointly jointly conjunctive with the CNC system. Regarding the stop processing of complex workpieces, it is an extremely sensitive cutting and processing method.

5. High level of active level can be fully closed, less pollution, small noise, and a good simplification of the operator's task.

6. The system itself is a computer system, which can be easily arranged and modified, suitable for specialized processing, especially for some sheet metal parts with complex contours, large batches, and short product life cycles. From the perspective of economic cost and time, it is not cost-effective to make molds, and laser cutting is particularly advantageous.

7. The energy density of processing is very large, the influence time is short, the heat affects the area, the heat deformation is small, the thermal stress is small, and the laser is non -mechanical contact processing. It has no mechanical stress and stress, and is suitable for fine processing.

8. Energy density is sufficient to melt any metal, which is especially suitable for processing some high -hardness, highly brittle, high -melting points that are difficult to processed by the wrist.


The processing characteristics and technical advantages of stainless steel laser cutting machine:

1. Bondless cutting: high accuracy, fast speed, narrow seam, small heat affecting area, smooth cutting surface without burrs.

2. No damage cutting: The laser cutting head does not contact the surface of the material and does not scratch the workpiece.

3. No mechanical deformation: narrow seams, small heat affecting zone, small deformation of workpieces, and no mechanical deformation.

4. Any formal cutting: good processing flexible, can be processed any graphics, and can cut pipes and other alien materials.

5. No deformation cutting: can be made without any hardness such as steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plates, and hard alloys.

After understanding, we found that the optical fiber laser cutting machine itself has many advantages. With the continuous renewal and development of the product, more advantages will bring more convenience.

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