Features of optical fiber laser cutting machine

Issuing time:2022-05-05 17:06

When buying a new machine, to ensure that you invest in the best products, you will have great benefits to understand the characteristics of these machines before buying. The following are some reasons why many manufacturers choose optical fiber laser cutting machines, hoping to inspire manufacturers with demand.


Low maintenance cost

One of the biggest benefits to using optical fiber laser cutting machines is that the cost of maintenance is extremely low. This is very favorable for companies with multiple machines. Spend less time to maintain, you can use more time on cutting products.

Remove frequently dialing maintenance calls and expensive maintenance costs, and buy less expensive accessories to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Over time, it will find great saving expenses. For business owners, this is another reason to choose a laser cutting machine.

Very efficient

Another great benefit to choose a fiber laser cutting machine is its high efficiency. In many areas of the cutting process, laser cutting machines are the most efficient in the modern market -higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, more efficient beam transmission, making the finished products better and less energy waste.

Small footprint

The structure of optical fiber laser is very tight, so it occupies a relatively small area, which makes the fiber laser cutting machine very suitable for installation in a limited -time factory or workshop environment. Their efficiency and productivity are as high as large machines for cutting and stamping, but they are much smaller and easier to install and set. Many manufacturers with fiber laser cutting machines describe their installation as "plug -and -play", which is the best choice for companies that have just started or seek to quickly increase productivity.

multiple uses

There is a misunderstanding that the functions and application of laser cutting machines are limited to the field of heavy manufacturing, but this is not the case. Although these machines do have many applications in the field of heavy manufacturing, they are also an excellent supplement to many other industries. For example, jewelry manufacturing and design, textile manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, etc.

The versatility of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is really shocking. It is almost used or seen in the work. If you need to cut or stamme it during the production process, you can use the fiber laser cutting machine to complete it.

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