Metal craft laser welding machine

Issuing time:2022-10-11 16:43

Metal craft laser welding machine is used to seal the sensor metal shell is the most advanced method of processing metal crafts. Because the light spots are very small, metal craft laser welding seams can be located highly accurately, and beams are easy to transmit and control. Replacement of welding torches and nozzles, significantly reduced the auxiliary time of the shutdown, high production and processing efficiency, no inertia for light, and metal craft laser welding machines can also stop and restart at high speeds. Use self -controlled beam movement technology to welded complex components.


  During the production of the welding of the metal craft laser welding machine, the melting pond is constantly stirred, and the gas is easy to come out, resulting in the generated pore -free melting weld. The high cooling speed after welding can easily make the weld tissue slightly detailed, and the intensity, toughness and comprehensive performance of the weld are high. High -temperature thermal sources and the full absorption of non -metal components produce purification effects, reduce impurities, change the mixed size and its distribution in the melting pool, no electrodes or filled welded wires during the welding of metal craft laser welding machines, and contaminated in the melting area. Small, the intensity and toughness of the weld are equivalent to at least or more than the mother metal.


    It is mainly based on laser welding. It has the following high -width ratio with high characteristics. The welds are deep and narrow, and the welds are bright and beautiful. The minimum hot input. Due to the high power density, the melting extremely fast, the heat of the workpiece is very low, the welding speed is fast, the thermal deformation is small, and the heat affects the area. High denseness. Metal craft laser welding machines have no power to apply for workpiece because their energy comes from laser and workpieces have no physical contact. In addition, magnetic and air have no effect on laser. Due to the low average thermal input and high processing accuracy, the processing cost can be reduced, and the laser welding cost is low, which can reduce the cost of workpiece. It is easy to achieve automation, and effectively controls the strength and fine positioning of the beam.


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